The Art of Finding Ideas

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1) Let your mind drift

I read many studies saying that the rise of smartphones, social media and other entertainment apps has a negative impact on creativity. Why? Because whenever we’re about to be bored, we take our smartphone out. Boredom is often associated with a loss of productivity but it actually allows the mind to drift, and opens up new forms of input and understanding. Ideas usually don’t come up when your mind is busy. So a practical advice would be to keep moments where you just don’t do anything like when you’re waiting at the bus stop for instance. And also, you should definitely buy yourself a small notebook to write down thoughts, ideas… It might be very useful!

2) Follow other creators

Make sure you follow other filmmakers. Not to copy their work of course, but to find inspiration. That’s how it works. Many of my edits were influenced by other creators in terms of storytelling, editing techniques, framing… As long as you bring something new and different and manage to find your own style, it won’t be considered as plagiarism.

3) Do some research
If you know the theme of your next film, such as the country you’ll be visiting or the people you’ll be meeting. It is essential to do your homework. Google it, Wikipedia it, go to your library and read stuff about it. The more you know about your theme, the higher chance of finding a nice angle to tell your story.

4) Challenge yourself
Creativity is the ability to create something unusual. If you use your usual gear, your usual techniques, your usual way of telling stories you probably won’t come up with something unusual… So don’t rest on your laurels. Challenge yourself, go out of your comfort zone. For instance, a few months ago, I challenged myself to make a video with a smartphone. Even though, the stats and feedbacks were not as good as my other videos. I still learned from it and I’m glad I took this risk.

5) Be open-minded
Whenever you or someone comes up with a germ of idea, even though it might seem silly or useless, try and develop this idea. Concepts are meant to change through their development. So instead of saying “No we can’t do that, it’s silly or impossible”, write it down and try and answer these questions: “How can we do it?”, “What do we need to it?” and “How can we improve it?” This will help you go from a silly idea to a practical application. And even if after torturing your brain, you realize it really was silly or impossible. Remember that it’s better to waste a few hours on a silly idea than waste a potential great idea.